Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Chinese Counterfeit Jaya Hit the Market

It was just a matter of time for the Chinese grey market to produce counterfeit JAYA in new colorways.

The differences are mostly in the fabrics utilized in the production.

The lasts used are also sightly different from the REAL JAYA.

The pads are manufactured with nylon / rubber mix.

Don't be fooled, BUY SMART.

Agent Orange Blossom

Here are some pictures: (click on picture for full view)
Take a good look.


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  2. When I suspect a counterfeit VFF I usually purchase a sample and analyze the fivers, the manufacturing process, the rubber etc... The flaws on the fake VFF are dead give-away. 98% of the time I can tell, within a second or 2, that they are counterfeit just by looking at a picture

    I also have contacts abroad to help me tracking the origins of the counterfeiters.

    Also, 8 years of experience in VFF does help a little .....